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Surfer Dudes Add Hope for Saving Our Oceans

By: Carol Pierson Holding   June 8th was World Oceans Day. It was celebrated with a reception at U.N. Headquarters in New York City. The Empire State Building was lit in white, blue and purple representing different layers of the … Continue reading

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CSRHub’s Cynthia Figge Speaking at Skytop Strategies CSR 2.0 Conference

Join Skytop Strategies CSR 2.0 Conference, where our Co-founder and COO, Cynthia Figge, will be moderating the Performance Drivers: Big Data, Transparency and CSR panel. This conference will be held on April 20th in San Francisco, California.  CSRHub will also … Continue reading

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Data-Driven Storytelling: Is your Company Collecting the Right Data to tell its CSR Story

The catchphrase of 2014/2015 was, and is, big data- data sets that are so vast and complex that they need intensive resources to process. But what is the point of data if we cannot process it, analyze it, and effectively … Continue reading

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Does Improving a Corporation’s Sustainability Performance Also Improve Its Business Operations?

Recently graduate students from Columbia University SIPA participated in a Capstone research project in collaboration with CSRHub. The purpose of this project was to further explore the relationship between perceived corporate sustainability performance and operational performance, represented by cost of … Continue reading

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VW Should Think Small Again

By Carol Pierson Holding   Volkswagen’s recent emissions scandal has been the subject of countless media reports, with news organizations such as Huffington Post posting nearly hourly updates. Even stories focused on financial or reputational damage touch on a deep … Continue reading

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