CSRHub’s ESG ratings and data help Supply Chain Managers:

Rapidly review your supply chain

  • Examine your supply chain for potential risks, without costly survey or audits.

  • Take deeper dives into the ESG scores of your major suppliers.

  • Encourage learning and better decision-making within your supply chain process.

Proactively identify and address risk 

  • Flag suppliers for risk across 12 dimensions of ESG.

  • Engage/drop/add suppliers based on independent data that is updated monthly.

  • Quickly and easily access an ESG database covering over 50,000 companies worldwide.

Assess and improve supplier performance

  • Identify leaders/best-in-class suppliers and use their expertise to help other suppliers improve.

  • Add policies or programs for specific areas where suppliers may have weaknesses in their ESG performance.

  • Combine CSRHub's independent, outside-in view with the results of your internal surveys and audits. Where needed, design/improve survey questions for efficient, distilled surveying.

Access easy-to-use tools to fit into your supply chain management system

  • Use powerful Excel dashboards to conduct industry analysis, review suppliers, and monitor supply chain rating evolution over time.

  • Plug data into your other systems using CSRHub's RESTful API.

  • Connect with CSRHub recommended supply chain vendors that provide surveys with our "outside in" ratings.


Explore Your Options

Schedule a consultation with a CSRHub team member to explore your use case and discuss a tailored solution.

Our tools help companies customize their benchmarking, reduce the need for surveys, and increase supply chain accountability. CSRHub is a practical solution to the chaotic world of ESG ratings. A subscription gives you access to:

ESG rating
Top level ratings

CSRHub’s ratings are synthesized from loading... sources and summarized into an overall rating and four category scores.


Detailed ESG Ratings
Detailed ratings
For each of the four category scores, CSRHub provides three more detailed ratings. Each of these twelve indicators can be used to evaluate company practices, compare against competitors, and flag risks.
company ESG
Broad coverage
CSRHub has data on loading... entities in loading... countries. You should be able to see whatever ESG data is available for almost any supplier, as well as identify new suppliers with less risk.
CSRHub Tools map2
Tools that simplify the complex web of ESG data

CSRHub’s web interface includes Advanced Search capability, charting functions and data source and data element visibility.
pre-designed Excel Dashboard templates for benchmarking, ESG data source research, and evaluating a company’s supply chain.
RESTful API (Application Program Interface).

Supply Chain Intelligence and Tools