About Us

Our Leaders


Cynthia Figge

Cofounder and CEO

Cynthia is a forerunner, entrepreneur, and thought leader in the corporate sustainability movement. Cynthia co-founded EKOS International in 1996, one of the first consultancies integrating sustainability and corporate strategy. She has worked with major organizations including Boeing, Coca-Cola, Dow Jones, and REI to help craft sustainability strategy integrated with business. Cynthia is a national speaker on trends in ESG, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and business intelligence. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur in CSR/ESG, Cynthia was an officer of LIN Broadcasting / McCaw Cellular, leading new services development. She serves as an advisor to media and technology companies and is chair of Compassionate Action Network (CAN). Cynthia has an MBA from Harvard Business School. She is based in the Seattle area.



Bahar Gidwani

Cofounder and CTO

Bahar has built and run large technology-based businesses for many years. Bahar holds a CFA, worked on Wall Street with Kidder, Peabody, and with McKinsey & Co. Bahar has consulted to a number of major companies and currently serves on the board of several software and Web companies. He has an MBA from Harvard Business School and an undergraduate degree in physics and astronomy. He plays bridge, races sailboats, and is based in New York City.

Our Mission:

We provide consensus ratings of company ESG performance as a lever to improve corporate sustainability. We hope that our transparent data platform is part of a broad change that relates company value to its environmental, social and governance performance.

Our measure of the consensus view of the societal impact of entities is based on aggregating over loading... sources of ESG data and publishing ratings when we can accurately estimate them. To date, we have rated more than loading... entities and have published data on another loading.... We have some data on another 100,000 entities and hope to eventually rate most of these, too. The entities we currently rate include more than 99% of listed (publicly traded) companies worldwide.

We believe our work has had a number of positive outcomes and continues to contribute to the maturation of the ESG ratings space:

CSRHub’s ESG data service provides business intelligence and supports ESG decision making by corporates, advisory firms and investors.
We have reduced confusion about disparate ESG ratings and make sense of an inchoate market. Our consensus view emphasizes the agreement between ratings rather than the differences.
We increase awareness of ESG rating sources. Both those who are rated and those who use ratings can discover which rating sources have expressed an opinion about a company.
We promote diversity of expression among rating sources. We do not judge sources or exclude them. We highlight many sources who might otherwise be overlooked or undervalued.
We demonstrate the breadth and depth of the ESG data universe. We have found and ingested hundreds of sources and accumulated more than 300 million pieces of ESG data.
We show where ESG data remains unavailable or unclear. We have found more than loading...  different ESG indicators. Our system includes data gathered under more than 100 “schemas.” No indicator is present across more than 20% of the companies we track.

CSRHub has been a certified B Corporation since 2010




B Corp membership is in accordance with our belief in transparency (you can review our B Corp assessment here). We also publish a rating on ourselves (you can see it here). We welcome input on our ratings and our rating system and receive a great deal of feedback from the 1.5 million people from around the world who visit our web site company pages annually.

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