CSRHub’s ESG ratings and data help API Developers:

Benchmark a company’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) performance and compare it to the performance of the company’s peers and competitors.

Manage engagement with stakeholders, including rating agencies, non-government organizations, consumers, and suppliers.

Create investment strategies that incorporate measures of environmental social and governance value. Respond to asset owner requests to improve the impact of their investments.

Manage and improve corporate supply chains. CSRHub users can scan their supply chains without having to engage in costly surveys or on-site audits.

Perform quantitative analysis on ESG factors to uncover material signals about future company performance.

Study changes in CSR performance for industries and countries, over time.

Explore Your Options

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Developers can use CSRHub data to save time, save money, and make better decisions. CSRHub provides a practical alternative to the chaotic world of ESG ratings. Its consensus data system provides:

ESG rating
Simplified ratings

CSRHub’s ratings are synthesized from loading... sources and summarized into 12 indicators. Each indicator covers one area of ESG. This simplicity makes it easier for both consumers and corporate managers to understand an ESG “signal.”

Detailed ESG Ratings
Broadly comparable data
CSRHub data set covers public companies, private companies and not-for-profits. Its scores are comparable across loading... industries and loading... countries.
CSRHub Tools map2
Suite of tools to simplify a complex web of data

Developers can use CSRHub’s web interface to browse company information and look for use cases.
Next prototype in Excel, using a CSRHub custom dashboard that mimics CSRHub’s API calls. 
Our RESTful API  allows streaming CSRHub data into in-house applications, tracking, and management systems.

CSRHub RESTful API in Action

Cofounder and CTO Bahar Gidwani leads a training session.