CSRHub’s ESG ratings and data help Corporate Managers:

Benchmark peers & competitors

  • Benchmark your company’s performance against competitors and across industries and geographies.

  • Focus your improvement strategies and improve the return on ESG projects.

  • Track and validate the effects of changed programs and policies and improve how they are reflected in your CSR annual reporting.

Manage and prioritize stakeholders

  • Gain insight into how ESG analysts, nonprofits, crowd sources and other organizations perceive your company.

  • Prioritize your stakeholders and improve how you engage with ratings groups.

Improve your ESG ratings and respond to investor demands

  • Decide which investor questions should be answered, first.

  • Learn what other companies in your sector are disclosing.

  • Position the story of your company relative to its competitors and peers.

  • Develop connections with new investors who are seeking certain ESG criteria.

Review your supply chain

  • Analyze your major suppliers and review their ESG scores.

  • Examine your supply chain for potential risks, without using a costly questionnaire or in-person audits.

  • Encourage learning and better decision making in your supply chain process.

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Corporate users who take advantage of CSRHub save time, save money, and make better decisions. CSRHub is a practical solution to the chaotic world of ESG ratings. A subscription gives you access to:

ESG rating
Top level ratings

CSRHub’s ratings are synthesized from loading... sources and summarized into an overall rating and four category scores.


Detailed ESG Ratings
Detailed ratings
For each of the four category scores, CSRHub provides three more detailed ratings. Each of these twelve indicators helps corporate managers evaluate company practices and compare against competitors.
company ESG
Broad coverage
CSRHub has data on loading... entities in loading... countries. You should be able to see whatever ESG data is available for almost any peer or supplier.
CSRHub Tools map2
Tools that simplify the complex web of ESG data

CSRHub’s web interface includes Advanced Search capability, charting functions and data source and data element visibility.
pre-designed Excel Dashboard templates for benchmarking, ESG data source research, reporting systems a company uses,  and a quick scan of a company’s supply chain.
RESTful API (Application Program Interface).

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