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CSRHub's mission is to be the leading source of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability ratings and related information.

Stakeholders (customers, investors, government, and activists) are pressuring companies to dramatically improve their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and transparency. The need to measure and compare environmental, social, and governance performance has produced a variety of CSR ratings that either cover too few companies (100-500), cost too much (up to $100,000), or suffer from biases and conflict. Companies, nonprofit organizations, and consumers have no comprehensive, reliable, affordable, independent and actionable corporate CSR/sustainability ratings.

Our service offers a low-cost, broad, comprehensive, unbiased and transparent source of CSR information. We rate the CSR performance of over 18,393 large publicly-traded companies in more than 148 countries. Our patent-pending system aggregates and normalizes over 300 million data elements from over 731 data sources—including private sources that cost $20K-100K per year—and provides easy-to-use ratings and tools.

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