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CSRHub Company Snapshot Report

CSRHub Company Snapshot Report

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Now you can get a full report of any rated company on CSRHub. The Snapshot is a PDF report of a full access subscriber view of the company page on the CSRHub website. 

The CSRHub Company Snapshot gives you:

  1. A company's CSR/ESG performance compared to 17,500+ companies, its primary industries and geography.
  2. The ratings and rankings for Overall Score, Community, Employees, Environment and Governance Category scores, and 12 subcategories scores.
  3. All underlying data from public sources and some licensed ESG sources.

The Company Snapshot Report provides a complete benchmark of a company of your choice with the latest data available. This PDF report can be shared within your enterprise.

CSRHub data can be used for benchmarking, brand management, communications, employee engagement, competitive analysis, stakeholder and materiality analysis, and supply chain management. The report will show information based on the latest month available. 

See subcriber-level sample information.

See CSRHub Company Snapshot report sample.


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