This is the list of the data sources CSRHUB currently uses to calculate its ratings. If you click on a source, you will see what type of source it is, the number of companies that the source covers, a link to the source, and whether or not the source sells additional information via custom reports. There is also a link to the web site of the source.

If you would like to suggest we add a source, please email us information on the source at

EDF Climate Corps 2016
EDF Climate Corps 2017
EDF Climate Corps 2018
EDF Climate Corps 2019
EDF Climate Corps 2020
EDF Climate Corps 2021
EDF Climate Corps 2022
EDF Climate Corps Past Participants
EIA Nuclear List
Ekobai B2B Directory
EKOS 10 Company Sustainability Profile
EKOS International Profile Report & Presentation
Environmental Investment Organisation
EPA Climate Leaders
EPA e-GGRT 2010
EPA e-GGRT 2011
EPA e-GGRT 2012
EPA e-GGRT 2013
EPA e-GGRT 2014
EPA e-GGRT 2015
EPA e-GGRT 2016
EPA e-GGRT 2017
EPA e-GGRT 2018
EPA e-GGRT 2019
EPA e-GGRT 2020
EPA e-GGRT 2021
EPA Green Power Partners List
EPA Transport Data
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