Hispanic Magazine 100 list

HISPANIC Magazine is a publication of Hispanic Publishing Associates.The magazine provides a wealth of information, including news, resources and entertainment relevant to Latinos. The magazine has been in circulation since 1988, publishing ten editions each year and is now the largest circulating English language lifestyle magazine in the U.S. Hispanic Market, with a circulation of 315,000 copies. HISPANIC Magazine goes beyond the familiar and basic biographical details, explaining how circumstances and values common to readers and celebrities alike - family, national origin, the quest for success - have shaped their public personas and influenced their ability to succeed in mainstream America without sacrificing connections to values and cultural heritage. Please visit HispanicOnline.com to learn more about the magazine and to explore subscription and advertising options.

Hispanic Magazine 100 list‚Äč

Source Type Publication
Number of Companies Reported from Source 90 companies
Custom Reports Available? No Custom Reports are available from this source.
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