CSRHub Dashboard Instructions


How to Use a CSRHub Dashboard

  1. Go to File, Options, Formulas and change your calculation options to manual. This will make it easier for you to get started with the Dashboard. See Microsoft's instructions.

  2. Enter your CSRHub username and password in the CSRHub Dashboard authorization dialog box.

  3. Enter the names or ticker for the company or companies you want to study in the pink cells on the Enter Company Names sheet.

  4. Press F9 or "Calculate" in the lower left corner to update the sheet. You may also choose to use Formulas...Calculate Sheet on the toolbar.

  5. Review the results of your research in the other tabs in the file.

    Please note, if you change your profile on CSRHub, it will not be reflected in your dashboard until you restart your dashboard.

    If you experience a technical problem using your Dashboard, please contact CSRHub support. There are known problems with some network firewalls, but we may have a workaround to suggest.