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Consensus ESG ratings help improve corporate and investor performance. CSRHub aggregates and harmonizes data from loading... sources and produces ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) ratings for loading... public, private, and not-for-profit entities across loading... industries and loading... countries. For each rated entity, CSRHub offers twelve subscores on subjects such as climate change, leadership ethics, human rights and supply chain, and employee diversity.

CSRHub offers a comprehensive global set of consensus ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) rating. CSRHub’s big data business intelligence system ingests data from a wide variety of sources, including Wall Street analysts, crowd sources, government databases, and non-governmental groups (NGOs).

Founded in 2007, the CSRHub data set differs from other data sets because it has:

  • Broad, deep coverage. CSRHub’s big data algorithms aggregate and harmonize disparate data from loading... sources. We generate consensus scores for twelve subcategories of corporate sustainability performance: Board, Community Dev & Philanthropy, Compensation & Benefits, Diversity & Labor Rights, Energy & Climate Change, Environment Policy & Reporting, Human Rights & Supply Chain, Leadership Ethics, Product, Resource Management, Training, Health & Safety, and Transparency & Reporting.
  • Clear, consistent ESG signal. CSRHub data powers corporate, investor, and consumer ESG and sustainability decision making. With 13+ years of data history and coverage of public companies, private companies, and non-for-profit entities, CSRHub’s data can be used by all parts of society.
  • Unique source of business intelligence. CSRHub’s consensus signal improves the value and usability of other ESG and sustainability data sources. Our signal gives a monthly update on the progress that each covered company is making towards improving its social performance.

Corporate managers, professional advisors, investment analysts, asset managers, academics, and application developers use CSRHub’s data to:

  • Benchmark a company’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) performance and compare it to the performance of the company’s peers and competitors.
  • Manage engagement with stakeholders, including rating agencies, non-government organizations, consumers, and suppliers.
  • Create investment strategies that incorporate measures of environmental social and governance value. Respond to asset owner requests to improve the impact of their investments.
  • Manage and improve corporate supply chains. CSRHub users can scan their supply chains without having to engage in costly surveys or on-site audits.
  • Perform quantitative analysis on ESG factors to uncover material signals about future company performance.
  • Study the changes in CSR performance for industries and countries, over time.

Without CSRHub’s consensus signal, it is hard to understand the different results that other ESG data sets provide. It is also hard to bridge the coverage of other data sets—since most ESG data sets cover only 3,000 to 8,000 entities. Finally, while other ESG data sets may contain more indicators, most of them are not available (not filled in). In contrast, CSRHub has stable, monthly ratings on virtually every public company and many private entities and not-for-profits. Its 12 indicators are generally completely filled in for any major company.

CSRHub also offers data on a number of special issues such as animal testing, the use of genetically modified organism, involvement in Iran, and involvement in nuclear energy. Many of CSRHub's data sources allow its users to explore the details of their data. Because of its years of experience with ESG data, CSRHub has performed many studies on the correlation between different data sets. We provide training and advice to our users that helps them maximize their return on their ESG data spend.

CSRHub is a certified B Corporation. Our mission is to use transparent access to corporate ESG data to encourage improvements in corporate sustainability behavior. Because we are mission-driven entrepreneurs, we are passionate about serving our customers and helping them change the world.

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CSRHub offers one of the world’s broadest and most consistent set of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) ratings, covering loading... companies. Its Big Data algorithm combines millions of data points on ESG performance from hundreds of sources, including leading ESG analyst raters, to produce consensus scores on all aspects of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. CSRHub ratings can be used to drive corporate, investor and consumer decisions. For more information, visit www.CSRHub.com.

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