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  Global Reporting Initiative 2007 and 2008861-
  Global Reporting Initiative 20091,012-
  Global Reporting Initiative 20101,160-
  Global Reporting Initiative 20111,879-
Global Reporting Initiative 20122,07858
Global Reporting Initiative 20131,87958
Global Reporting Initiative 201423859
Global RepTrak 2012 Reputation Institute10060
Global RepTrak 2013 Reputation Institute10060
  Global Sullivan Principals48-
Global Transparency Index (Israel)2352
Global Union Burma List13854
GMI Executive Pay Scorecard 2011402Excluded
GMI Executive Pay Scorecard 20122,489Excluded
  Goodness 500 2009500-
  Goodness 500 2012500-
Governance Metrics International7,52155
Government of New Brunswick260
  Great Place to Work Inst. 100 Best Workplaces in Europe 201052-
Great Place to Work Inst. 100 Best Workplaces in Europe 20142858
  Great Place to Work Inst. 25 Best Large Workplaces in Europe 20129-
Great Place to Work Inst. 25 Best Large Workplaces in Europe 2013458
  Great Place to Work Inst. 50 Best Small Workplaces in Europe 20129-
Great Place to Work Inst. 50 Best Small Workplaces in Europe 2013254
  Great Places to Work Latin America 201030-
  Great Places to Work Latin America 201224-
Great Places to Work Latin America 20132360
Great Places to Work Latin America 20142661
Green Research Benchmark Reports73Excluded
Green Seal2061
Greenpeace Cloud1457
  Greenpeace Seafood Sustainability Scorecard 201019-
Greenpeace Seafood Sustainability Scorecard 20131857
Greenpeace Seafood Sustainability Scorecard 20142157
  Hispanic Magazine 100 list95-
  Hispanic Trends49-
  Human Rights Campaign 2008 List185-
  Human Rights Campaign 2009 List255-
  Human Rights Campaign 2011 List807-
  Human Rights Campaign 2012 List442-
Human Rights Campaign 2013 List20958
Human Rights Campaign 2014 List25458
Interfax ERA 20123853
International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) List of Companies7561
International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) Pilot Program6963
iShares MSCI KLD 400 Social Index Fund573Excluded
  ISOS Group Sustainability Reporting Assessments22-
IW Financial4,97756
Johannesburg Stock Exchange9860
  Karmayog 2009206-
  Karmayog 2010216-
Know The Chain40256
  Latina Style 200850-
  Latina Style 200949-
  Latina Style 50 201048-
  Latina Style 50 201149-
Latina Style 50 20134858
Latina Style 50 20144858
Marcellus Money4353
Marcellus Shale11756
Marine Stewardship Council Suppliers7657
Media Tenor35257
Mike Benard7054
MSCI ESG Intangible Value Assessment11,39456
MSCI Impact Monitor11,77656
  NAFE Top 50-201050-
  NAFE Top 50-201160-
  NAFE Top 50-201250-
NAFE Top 50-20134958
NAFE Top 50-20145059
NASDAQ OMX CRD Global Sustainability Index12861
  NASDAQ OMX Sustainability Index100-
National Hispanic Corporate Council4258
National Rifle Association1958
  Newsweek Top 100 Global Green Companies 2010100-
  Newsweek Top 500 Global Green Companies 2011498-
  Newsweek Top 500 Global Green Companies 2012498-
Newsweek Top 500 Global Green Companies 201349856
  Newsweek Top 500 Green Companies 2009500-
  Newsweek Top 500 Green Companies 2010500-
  Newsweek Top 500 Green Companies 2011500-
  Newsweek Top 500 Green Companies 2012500-
Newsweek Top 500 Green Companies 201349853
Oceana's Red and Green List3057
  Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) On Burma6-
Ohio Government Department of Natural Resources (ODNR)1855
  OMX GES Index207-
Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance1162
Pennsylvania DOEP3452
  Power Shares Global Coal ETF29-
  PRNews CSR Awards 201061-
PRNews CSR Awards 20128658
PRNews CSR Awards 20146458
Protecting Florida’s Investments Act (PFIA)2951
  Raporty Społeczne 20099-
  Raporty Społeczne 201010-
  Raporty Społeczne 201112-
  Raporty Społeczne 201213-
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