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RepRisk ESG Business Intelligence Company Report

RepRisk Company Report (US$2400)

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RepRisk Company Reports provide an in-depth look at the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risk exposure of an individual company through a combination of quantitative data – our proprietary risk analytics and metrics – and qualitative research that covers ten years of history.

Company Reports are dynamically generated at the time of purchase to include the latest information from the RepRisk ESG Risk Platform - the world’s most comprehensive database on ESG risks.

Each Company Report includes two main sections:

  1. Quantitative data section: A summary of RepRisk analytics and metrics that capture and highlight the areas of ESG risk exposure of the company (e.g. key ESG Issues, Country ESG Risk), for both a two-year and a ten-year timeframe.
  2. Qualitative research section: Details of all the individual ESG risk incidents (news) related to the company, for the last ten years. RepRisk's assessment of the ESG risk exposure of a company is based on the company's activities as observed by media, stakeholder, and third-party sources, and excludes information provided by the company itself. For more information on RepRisk’s methodology, please visit the RepRisk website.

Note this report is an External report — the content is controlled by our partner and is not on our system — RepRisk provides the Company Report within 3 business days. 

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