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Premium Subscription and Analytics Service Information

Premium Subscription and Analytics Service Information

CSRHub’s premium service does the CSR/ESG) ratings analysis for you. We benchmark and diagnose company rankings, pinpoint ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) gaps, help you manage ESG raters and stakeholders, and guide you to improve your CSR performance. 

What is included with your product:

  1. Annual auto-renewing subscription to CSRHub including full access to website, three easy to use, pre-configured macro-enabled Excel Dashboard templates covering competitor benchmarking, supply chain analysis and carbon tracking
  2. Use of our Application Programming Interface (API) covering 18,000+ companies. 
  3. Matrix Analysis diagnostic tool. This tool helps you prioritize communication with your stakeholders and reduce ratings fatigue. The Matrix maps all your rating sources on two axes of Perceived Performance and ratings source Authority at the Overall rating level.
  4. Customized benchmark report for 20 (or more) comparator companies (selected by you). The report includes ratings comparisons, rankings comparisons, reporting patterns, data source coverage, and a historic trend analysis.
  5. One 1-hour virtual presentation to you and your management team.

Note this annual subscription will auto-renew and can be cancelled at renewal. 

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How does your company use ESG and stakeholder ratings to inform business decisions?

CSRHub’s Premium Subscription and Analytics Service compares your company’s sustainability performance with that of your key competitors and provides a foundation for strategic planning, reducing risk, trimming reporting requirements, and improving brand strength. CSRHub’s premium product includes full access to the CSRHub website and its dashboard templates. It then builds on CSRHub’s detailed library of Environmental, Community, Employee, and Governance ratings to provide a Matrix tool that divides each company’s rating sources by their Perceived Performance and the Authority of the rating source. This matrix can be built for both a company’s overall situation and to give insights into its ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) category ratings.  The Service reports the performance levels, leaders and laggards among a company’s peers and includes a customized dashboard that enables ongoing tracking of overall scores, category and subcategory ratings and rankings, and other flagged issues and performance highlights for 20+ companies. 

CSRHub will review the progress Premium Subscribers are making and offer a virtual 60 minute presentation of how perceptions of the Subscriber’s company are changing. The customized analysis and Benchmark Report will be delivered within 4 weeks after a customer subscribes to the service.

EKOS International, one of CSRHub’s consulting firm partners, using CSRHub’s broad and consistent metrics, can help your company improve its sustainability strategy and reporting at an additional consulting services rate. 

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