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Annual Subscription with Benchmarking Tools Information

Annual Subscription with Benchmarking Tools Information

Full access to all of CSRHub’s data.  Subscribers can:

  1. Search, browse, and export data from the CSRHub web site.
  2. Download and use any of CSRHub’s easy to use, pre-configured macro-enabled Excel Dashboard templates (Carbon MetricsCompetitor Benchmark, or Supply Chain Analysis).

This annual subscription is appropriate for corporate managers, professionals, researchers and academics. Subscribers receive a limited license to share CSRHub information with others in their organization.  CSRHub data can be used for benchmarking, brand management, communications, employee engagement, competitive analysis, stakeholder and materiality analysis, and supply chain management.

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What is included with your product:

  1. Auto-renewing annual Full Access to site with ability to cancel at renewal. 
  2. All CSRHub Dashboards: Carbon MetricsCompetitor Benchmark, or Supply Chain Analysis). Click on names to see samples in PDF.

See full list of subscriber featuresSee subscriber-level sample information.

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