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Buy company CSR reports

CSRHub now offers the ability to drill down and inspect our input data in detail!

CSRHub aims to be an engine of transparency. More and more of our data source partners are offering company reports for purchase ranging in price from $75 - $9,200.

Use of reports listed on CSRHub is governed by our terms and conditions. The price for the additional custom reports has been set by our data sources.

Here is a list of our report partners:




Brand Finance

Brand Finance Brand Value Report
The report includes detailed analysis of all aspects of a company’s brand value, with comparison against up to six companies. Beginning with the 2013 Brand Finance data cycle, CSRHub data on corporate sustainability has been included in Brand Finance’s 2013 Banking 500, Telecoms 500 and Global 500 brand value studies. Note this report is an External report — the content is controlled by our partner and is not on our system — Brand Finance prepares each bespoke report individually and requires a lead time of 5-10 working days. When ordering up to six competitors/peers can be specified for comparative analysis. Price includes conference call with Brand Finance to discuss approach and findings.

See sample. List of reported companies 2013.        $7,500/report












Ekos International

EKOS International CSR Consulting & Report Services

How does your company measure up to competitive pressures and likely customer expectations? Examine how your sustainability performance compares with your key competitors and customers as a foundation for strategic planning and brand building.  This customized report includes and builds on detailed CSRHub company data on Environmental, Community, Employee, and Governance ratings.  Each report includes a summary analysis of performance levels, leaders and laggards relative to the companies examined and industry leaders, dashboards comparing overall CSRHub scores and subcategory ratings, graphs displaying trends over time, flagged issues, performance highlights of each company's sustainability goals, initiatives, strengths and weaknesses and a presentation of results. Note this report is an External report — the content is controlled by our partner and is not on our system — EKOS provides the customized Benchmark Report within 4 weeks. 

Customized One Company Sustainability Profile Report & Virtual Presentation                                                              
(The take-away is actionable benchmarking on sustainability that you can use as a springboard for designing and accelerating your corporate sustainability performance. Price includes a virtual 60-minute executive briefing of results.)   

Customized Ten Company Sustainability Benchmarking Report  
(Additional companies can be added for $400 each; includes a virtual 60-minute executive briefing of results.)
                                                                      $4,950/10 companies

For an overview of the report, please contact
EKOS directly.   




MSCI ESG Impact Monitor


MSCI ESG Impact Monitor

MSCI ESG Impact Monitor allows analysis of a company's significant social and environmental impacts and its ability to manage those impacts. Determine company involvement in major ESG controversies, how well companies adhere to international norms and principles such as the UN Global Compact and ILO Core Conventions. Assess company strategies, policies, systems, and disclosure with respect to these norms and principles.

See sample. List of reported companies.           $100/report



MSCI ESG Impact Monitor


MSCI ESG Intangible Value Assessment Report
Intangible Value Assessment (IVA) links long-term corporate outperformance to superior management of environmental and social risks and opportunities.

See sample. List of reported companies.           $100/report







RepRisk ESG Business Intelligence Reports

RepRisk Company Report

RepRisk Company Reports display all the RepRisk ESG business intelligence for an individual company in a convenient PDF format and include: all of the criticism, controversies and negative public sentiment captured and analyzed by RepRisk from thousands of third-party sources, analysis of a company’s exposure to ESG risks and alleged breaches of the UN Global Compact principles in comparison with the sector average, a geographical distribution of ESG risks and more. The reports are dynamically generated to include the latest information from the RepRisk’s ESG risk database, which is updated daily and covers an unlimited universe of companies worldwide (over 36,000 as of September 2013). Note this report is an External report — the content is controlled by our partner and is not on our system — RepRisk provides the Company Report within 3 business days. 

See sample. See additional description.
List of reported companies
.                              $150/report 



Asset4 Reports


Thomson Reuters Asset4 Report
ASSET4, a Thomson Reuters business, provides objective, relevant and systematic environmental, social and governance (ESG) information based on 250+ key performance indicators (KPIs) and 750+ individual data points along with their original data sources.
See sample. List of reported companies.           $250/report







Trucost Company Briefing
Trucost's Company Briefings outline the most significant environmental impacts across a company's direct operations as well those embedded within the goods and services it procures. Environmental performance and disclosure levels are compared against a selection of peers as well as the assigned benchmark.  Note this report is an External report — the content is controlled by our partner and is not on our system — Trucost provides the Company Briefings typically within 1 business day.  

See sample. List of reported companies.                $100/report





Trucost Benchmark Report
Reports prepared by Trucost and CSRHub. This environmental performance report examines the greenhouse gas emissions, waste produced and water use of any Trucost company plus any other five selected companies you choose covered by Trucost and benchmarks their performance against each other. Note this report is an External report — the content is controlled by our partner and is not on our system — Trucost provides the Benchmark Report within 2-4 weeks. 

See sample. List of reported companies.      $9,200/6 companies


There are two ways to buy a report:

After doing a search:

1. Go to “Search” or to any of the browse by menus (by region, by industry, etc.).
2. Do a search and see a list of companies.
3. Next to a company name you will see an entry “3 Reports” or “2 Reports” in the “Buy reports” column.
4. Click on the link in this column and you will get the chance to put one or more reports into your shopping cart.


After going to a company page: 

1. Find a company you are interested in (via search or other links).
2. Look after the section called “Data Sources” and above the section called “Subcategory CSR ratings.”
3. You should see a grey button. This button should say how many reports are available.
4. A click on the button starts the same buying menu as above.


To see the companies available for a specific report: 

1. Go to "Search" from the top menu.
2. Under Advanced Search, select Data Source from the left dropdown box.
3. Select the name of the report in the far right dropdown box.
4. Click Find and see all the companies available for the specific report. 



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