World Business Alliance Social Transformation

Core Social Indicator (CSI)s: All companies have been assessed against all 18 core social indicators (CSI 1-18). Each CSI is scored on a scale of 0 to 1 represented in 3 levels: fully met (1), partially met (0.5) and not met (0). Each CSI consists of 1 to 4 elements. Meeting all elements of a CSI = fully met (1), meeting some elements of a CSI = partially met (0.5), meeting no elements of a CSI = not met (0). Each CSI is singly weighted, except for indicators CSI 4 and CSI 5 which are double weighted. As such, the 18 CSIs represent a total of 20 points.

World Business Alliance Social Transformation‚Äč

Source Type Non gov org
Number of Companies Reported from Source 680 companies
Custom Reports Available? No Custom Reports are available from this source.
Link World Business Alliance Social Transformation
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