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Sustainability Rating Widget Quick Guide

The following information is designed to allow our partners to add a CSRHub Sustainability Ratings Widget to their site or blog posts. We also provide instructions for using our WordPress version of the widget.

If you need help beyond these instructions, please contact us.


How to add the Sustainability Ratings Widget script to your site or blog post:

1. After working with the CSRHub team to set up your widget, you were given a short javascript code. The code will look similar to this: 

<script src="" type="text/javascript" hash="xxxxxx" size="170x200"></script>

2. Copy and paste the code into the HTML page code where you want to add the widget. You need to make sure the page is set to "Full HTML" and not "Filtered HTML" for the widget to show properly.


How to set the default company listed on the widget via widget settings:

          1.  Login to your CSRHub account.

2.  Choose EDIT on the Profile Tool on the left sidebar of the homepage or go to to get to the Profile Management page.

3.  Choose edit to the right of your group profile, on the Profile Management page. Your profile will most likely include your company or site name and will be in a blue color once the profile is public. (We will convert your profile into a group/public profile as part of the widget setup process).

4.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to view the Widget options area.

5.  Change the default company listed in your widget to whatever company you want the widget to show. Click within the Company to show in widget field and start typing the name or ticker of the company you would like to show. Our system uses a “lookahead” feature and will show you the list of available companies from our database as you type.












You may change your company name at any time.  The widget on your site or blog should change immediately to match your new setting.  

6.  The teaser section may be set to show information for a country, an industry, a data source, a special issue, or for the first letter of company names. Use the dropdown to select one of the options. Please note, not all settings are available for every widget size. For example, the teaser setting is not available for our Small widget because it will not fit within the size allotted. You may change the teaser settings at any time.

7.  When you are done making changes, select Save widget options at the bottom of the page. 

Use the Override feature to change the company listed in the widget:

The override feature allows you to lock the company shown on the widget to the company you are highlighting in an article or blog post. By using overrides, you can have a different company in each widget in each article you write. To override, you need to adjust the text in the JavaScript code you used to install the widget. (You can see here how our friends at Triple Pundit have used the override feature for their widget on a company page.)

To use the Override feature:

1.  Add, company=”our database company name” to your line of javascript code.  You can add this parameter before the ending script tag, </script>.

Here is an example:

<script src="" type="text/javascript" hash="xxxxxx" company="Google-Inc"></script>

2.  To find the appropriate name from our database, use the lookup box in any widget or the one at the top of our site. Type in and select the name of the company you are interested in so the company information shows on the widget.

3.  Click the company name in the widget to go to the CSRHub site and view how the company is listed in the address bar.










5.  The name needs to be entered into the code exactly as it appears in the address bar (which is how the company is listed in the CSRHub database).  For example, you would need to enter in company=”Google-Inc” and not just Google into the script, because the information needs to match how it is listed in the database. It is listed in our database as “Google-Inc”.
















Using the CSRHub Sustainability Ratings Widget on WordPress

WordPress restricts the types of HTML code that can be installed on the pages it generates. To install the CSRHub Sustainability Ratings widget to your WordPress site or blog, you need to follow a slightly different procedure from the one above:

1.  Download our WordPress widget code here. You will receive a zipped archive. WordPress allows the installation of plugins from this type of archive.

2.  Login to your WordPress admin panel, and navigate to Plugins…Add new.  Use the Upload link at the top of the page. You will see a prompt Install a plugin in .zip format.

3.  Use the Browse button to point WordPress to the widget file downloaded in the first step. Next click the Install button.

4.  You will be asked for your FTP login and password. If you do not know it, please ask your hosting provider. If your hosting provider doesn't provide FTP access to your site, you should ask them to unzip and place the archive contents to the required place for your WordPress installation.

Now your WordPress site and/or blog can display our widget. You may need to activate the installed widget on the Plugins…Installed Plugins page if it was not activated previously.  Use the Activate link below the CSRHub widget plugin name.

There are two ways to display our widget on your site or in your blog.

1.  You can place our Sustainability Ratings widget on any page you would like. Just place the following tag, [csrhubwidget] with the required parameters into the page contents.

For example:  [csrhubwidget company="Google-Inc" size="170x200"]

Using the tag will display our 170x200 sized widget displaying Google’s company information.

Here are some of the parameters you may use:

•  teaser="no" to use the Full size widget (300x300) without the top and bottom 5 companies of our Teaser size widget. 

•  size="650x100" or size="170x200"; without specifying a size, the widget will show as the Teaser size (300x400px). See the available sizes.

•  company=" " parameter.  You can change the company listed in the widget to match your blog post or article by simply entering the company name as it shows in the CSRHub database by following steps 2-5 in the Override section above. 

CSR ratings


 WordPress interface


2.  You can also place our widget into any widget area provided by your WordPress theme. Navigate to Appearance…Widgets.  You will see the CSRHub widget in the Available widgets area. Simply drag and drop the CSRHub widget into any widget area on the screen. You will then see widget settings and the related help tips.