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Here is a short description of each of the special issues in our site.  By setting your opinion on these issues, you can change and control the ratings on the site.  We are always interested in suggestions for additional special issues.  We are most interested in areas of interest to a large number of people and that have been well documented with publicly-available sources.  However, we will also accept lists of companies from smaller organizations, who want to put them on our site as part of their advocacy work.  Please contact if you are interested in entering your own special issue list.

Special Issues


Special Issue Description
Animal Test User Companies on this list have a policy of testing the safety of their products on animals. Some may consider this a positive way to ensure that products do not harm humans. Some may consider this a negative, as it causes death an in some cases suffering, for animals.  Sources used: Alex's Guide, Asset4, Better World Companies, Caring Consumer, IW Financial, Understanding Animal Research.
Burma Involved The companies on this list are involved in Burma, either through subsidiaries located in the country or through trade or other commercial arrangements with it. Some consider interaction with Burma to be negative, as it may support the Burmese regime. Others may consider interaction with Burma as positive, as it may increase interaction with Burmese society and improve the welfare of its people.  Sources used:  Burma Campaign, Global Union.
Coal Involvement Companies on this list are involved in the coal industry either via coal mining, production of coal mining-related equipment, coal-based power production, or engineering services.  Sources used: Coal Mining Engineer's List, Van Eck Global Coal, Power Shares Global Coal, Source Watch Carbon, U.S. Energy Information Administration Coal Producers, Yahoo! Coal.
Diverse Board This company's board of directors has a diverse range of racial, sexual, and cultural backgrounds.  Sources used: Asset4, Women and Minorities on Fortune 500 Boards--Alliance for Board Diversity.
Fracking Involved Companies on this list drill for natural gas in shale formations (called “shale plays”) using high-volume hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” (sometimes spelled without the k). This drilling technique is controversial, due to the lack of scientific understanding of the environmental risks (such as water contamination) and human health risks related to the emissions released from the drilling process. These are Oil and Gas Extraction companies, otherwise called the "Exploration & Production" (E&P) business. However, this list also includes companies that provide services related to Exploration & Production in the shale plays, such as gathering, processing transporting and storing natural gas. Sources used: Mike Benard-founder of Spectra Energy Watch, FracFocus, FracFocus.caFracTracker, Government of New Brunswick, Ohio Government Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Marcellus Money, Marcellus Shale Coalition.
Gay & Lesbian Sensitive Companies on this list have implemented policies that respond to the special needs of gay, lesbian, and transgender employees. These policies may include expanded health and family leave policies, explicit rules regarding workplace discrimination, and management training programs.  Sources used:  IW Financial
Iran Involved The companies on this list are involved in Iran, either through subsidiaries located in the country or through trade or other commercial arrangements with it. Sources used: AEI IranTracker, California Iran Contracting Act, Protecting Florida’s Investments Act (PFIA), United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI).
Labor Unions Supporter Employee membership in labor unions is encouraged and the approach to collective bargaining is fair and open.  Sources used:  Asset4, Better World Companies, IW Financial, Vigeo.
Military Contractor A supplier to an armed service or other agency or department that supports the military.  Sources used:  DOD List, IW Financial, SIPRI, Top 100 Military Friendly Employers.
NRA Anti Gun List The National Rifle Association (NRA) publishes a list of companies it believes have an anti-gun ownership stance. The list includes companies who prohibit carrying guns on their premises or in their parking lots and companies who have donated to causes the NRA considers anti-gun.  Sources used:  NRA.
Nuclear Power Involved These companies are involved either in generating nuclear power or in creating equipment or providing services to companies who generate nuclear power.  Sources used:  EIA, IW Financial.
Oceana Red List Retail food outlets who test their seafood products for mercury and post the results appear on the Oceana's green list. Those who do not comply with Oceana's testing and reporting guidelines are put on its red list.  Sources used:  Oceana.
Pesticides & Pollutants Companies on this list are known to create or use pesticides or to emit polluting chemicals.  Sources used:  Asset4, IW Financial, PERI.
Sudan Involved Companies on this list have significant operations in Sudan. Sources used: Jewish World Watch, Darfur Involved by Investors Against Genocide.
Tea Party Boycott List The Tea Party publishes a list of companies on its web site that it believes its members should boycott. The reasons for inclusion on this list vary, and include the perception that the company supports causes such as health care or increases in government regulation or the fact that a company accepted money for a government bailout.  Sources used:  Tea Party.
Working Mother-Friendly The company supports working mothers through its policies on family leave, day care, health care, job sharing, etc.  Sources used:   Asset4, IW Financial, NAFE, Vigeo, Working Multicultural Women Working Multicultural Women 2010, Working Multicultural Women 2011, Working Mother 2009, Working Mother 2010, Working Mother 2011.


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