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Another Baby Boom Won’t Cure U.S. Economy

By Carol Pierson Holding   In the early 1980s, Daniel Yankelovich, the master market researcher, gave a presentation to ad agency staff about coming demographic trends. His analysis came to the conclusion that the growing income gap would produce an … Continue reading

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What Is Sustainability, Really?

By Cynthia Figge   At a recent sustainability conference, I spoke with the COO of a major manufacturing company who remarked that his company would not publish a sustainability report given the lack of specificity of the term, its implied … Continue reading

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CSR Secrets the Government Isn’t Telling

In theory, governments know a lot about company social and sustainability performance. Around the world, companies are asked (forced?) by governments to report on their own behavior. Unfortunately, most of this data seems to end up buried deep in the back offices of various bureaucracies. As a result, there are relatively few government sources that can be used in a CSR ratings engine like CSRHUB—and those that do exist are hard to use or incomplete.
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Do Companies Lead Countries Towards Social Development?

Do companies lead countries towards Social Development? Should there be a connection between data sets such as the UN Human Development Index and CSRHUB’s ? One could hypothesize either that countries with a good HDI score produce socially positive companies or that socially positive companies help foster a business climate in their countries that addresses human development. Either way, we could see a correlation between our average Community rating (which contains information about community development, philanthropy, human rights, supply chain issues, and product quality) and the HDI.
If companies follow the standards of their country—and improve as their countries improve—we should see the gap between the HDI score and our score close up, over time. If countries follow the example set by their leading companies, we might see company scores continue to improve and the HDI/CSRHUB Community score gap stay the same. We will try to revisit this analysis a year from now, and see how things have changed.
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