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Monetizing Nature Is a Fool’s Errand

By: Carol Pierson Holding   How will damage from the Gold King Mine spill of Silverton Colorado be valued? The lawsuits against the EPA for dislodging the toxic yellow sludge into the Animas River and beyond haven’t yet been filed, … Continue reading

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Canadian Oil Train Explosion Should Give Coal Train Developers Pause

By Carol Pierson Holding   It took just three days after the Canadian oil train explosion for Keystone XL pipeline supporters to shift the news from rail safety to use this tragedy to further their goal. Apparently, the practice of … Continue reading

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EPA Protects West Coast Ports Besieged by Coal

By Carol Pierson Holding   In a long-awaited move, the EPA has called in the Army Corps of Engineers to review plans for West Coast coal ports. Finally, alarmed environmentalists and frightened local residents are getting help from the Federal … Continue reading

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EPA, SEC Carry the Torch on U.S. Environmental Progress

 By Carol Pierson Holding While the EU charges ahead with carbon trading, stricter environmental laws and better enforcement, we here in America hang our heads in shame. Our Federal government is in environmental denial and the media cries Cassandra. Al … Continue reading

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Flooded With Proof, Insurance Industry Turns Climate Change Realist

By Carol Pierson Holding   Quick: Name the industry that has the most to lose from climate change.   Reuters would argue it’s the insurance industry, as they did in their February 9th article “Extreme Weather Batters The Insurance Industry.” … Continue reading

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