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Climate Woes Demand Both War and Civil Action

By: Carol Pierson Holding   For at least a decade, I’ve been a huge fan of Bill McKibben, thought leader for the climate movement. But his most recent article in The New Republic, “A World at War,” falls short.  Subtitled … Continue reading

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Heineken’s Bold Approach to Increasing Their Transparency

By Jeff Hayes   Sustainability professionals are chronically over-worked, and the idea of reviewing another sustainability report – even one from a leading global brand – often gets filed under “good idea” rather than “essential reading”.   That’s almost certainly … Continue reading

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Accelerating Clean Energy Transition Effective Weapon Against ISIS?

By: Carol Pierson Holding     As we got closer to the December 7-8 climate talks in Paris, I began seeing movement towards an outcome so positive that it might surprise us all. Politically, climate change-related events of the week … Continue reading

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Why Do Some Companies Revise their Carbon Disclosures?

By: Bahar Gidwani and Cedric Bleuez               Reducing carbon emissions has been the generally-accepted first step towards slowing global climate change.  A growing list of government and social organizations have called for corporations to … Continue reading

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Obama Gets Personal on Climate Change

By Carol Pierson Holding     The climate change movement took a powerful leap in 2012, when Bill McKibben identified a single enemy for climate activists to battle: the fossil fuel industry. He painted that industry as what branding experts … Continue reading

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