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A Better Idea for Branding Public Transit

  By Carol Pierson Holding   An Atlantic Cities blog posed a question that consistently bedevils environmentalists: How do we break Americans’ love for the automobile? A love enhanced by auto makers who have used design and advertising to reinforce … Continue reading

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Consumer Boycotts Keep Business Focused on Communities

By Carol Pierson Holding   Harvard Business School just released its first study of US competitiveness, reporting that almost two-thirds of US businesses will locate their new plants outside the US. President Obama addressed the issue in his State of … Continue reading

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Why the name CSRHUB? A Rose is a Rose…

Names have important foundational significance, and like many (all?) startups, Bahar, Stephen and I agonized over our name, and bought numerous URLs. We actually began our business as EkoHub. Recently my partners at EKOS and I did a quick study of the names of CSR reports in the Fortune 100. Of 63 reports, about 49% are referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility or Corporate Responsibility, and 30% are called Sustainability reports (with many derivations on these terms). So for now, we’re betting on CSRHUB rather than EkoHub, and moving forward as a hub for CSR ratings and information.
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