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Light at the End of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline

By: Carol Pierson Holding   Writing recently for the Wall Street Journal, Thomas Barrett, President of Alyeska which owns and manages the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, bemoans the pipeline’s deterioration due to falling oil production and urges that oil drilling sites be … Continue reading

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Brand Intelligence Solutions Enters Into Alliance With CSRHub

        Brand Intelligence Solutions has entered into an Alliance with CSRHub, the world’s most comprehensive non-financial (Brand/CSR/ESG) rating database, to launch the “360° Brand Intelligence Solutions Benchmark Tool.” Using real time data, you can now benchmark your … Continue reading

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CSRHub’s Bahar Gidwani to Speak at NAEM’s 2016 Sustainability Management Conference

CSRHub Co-Founder and CEO, Bahar Gidwani, will be speaking at NAEM’s 2016 Sustainability Management Conference, in Milwaukee WI, on August 2-3. Bahar will discuss The Next Generation of Sustainability Tools and Data Analysis. At NAEM’s annual conference, attendees will learn … Continue reading

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Site Selection Magazine Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Analysis

By: Bahar Gidwani   Do some states attract more progressive companies while others receive investment from companies who are thought to be less socially progressive?  If so, why might this occur?   A recent article in Site Selection Magazine used … Continue reading

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Fossil Fuel Divestiture Campaign Focuses on Big Pensions

By Carol Pierson Holding   The fossil fuel divestiture campaign GoFossilFree equates the end of oil, gas and coal to the great moral crusades of our time — Apartheid and tobacco — while hoping to reduce demand for fossil fuel stocks … Continue reading

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