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Climate Woes Demand Both War and Civil Action

By: Carol Pierson Holding   For at least a decade, I’ve been a huge fan of Bill McKibben, thought leader for the climate movement. But his most recent article in The New Republic, “A World at War,” falls short.  Subtitled … Continue reading

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Light at the End of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline

By: Carol Pierson Holding   Writing recently for the Wall Street Journal, Thomas Barrett, President of Alyeska which owns and manages the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, bemoans the pipeline’s deterioration due to falling oil production and urges that oil drilling sites be … Continue reading

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Brand Intelligence Solutions Enters Into Alliance With CSRHub

        Brand Intelligence Solutions has entered into an Alliance with CSRHub, the world’s most comprehensive non-financial (Brand/CSR/ESG) rating database, to launch the “360° Brand Intelligence Solutions Benchmark Tool.” Using real time data, you can now benchmark your … Continue reading

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CSRHub’s Bahar Gidwani to Speak at NAEM’s 2016 Sustainability Management Conference

CSRHub Co-Founder and CEO, Bahar Gidwani, will be speaking at NAEM’s 2016 Sustainability Management Conference, in Milwaukee WI, on August 2-3. Bahar will discuss The Next Generation of Sustainability Tools and Data Analysis. At NAEM’s annual conference, attendees will learn … Continue reading

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Site Selection Magazine Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Analysis

By: Bahar Gidwani   Do some states attract more progressive companies while others receive investment from companies who are thought to be less socially progressive?  If so, why might this occur?   A recent article in Site Selection Magazine used … Continue reading

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