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Sustainability Natives

By Cynthia Figge   This past weekend I participated in a program at my alma mater, Lawrence University, to connect college students with alumni in business, law, the arts and medicine. As the entrepeneur “role model,” I spoke alongside two … Continue reading

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CSR Ratings Trends: Are We Making Progress?

By Bahar Gidwani This post is part one of a two part series. Read part two>>   We recently added an exciting new feature to CSRHub. Our subscribers can now inspect the corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance for each month … Continue reading

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CSRHub COO and Co-founder Cynthia Figge Joins ISSP at Business for Resilient Communities 2012

ISSP, the world’s leading association of sustainability professionals, is hosting a series of workshop webinars throughout February. The four sessions will explore triple-bottom line sustainability and corporate initiatives that have truly made a difference in a community’s ability to be … Continue reading

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Consumer Boycotts Keep Business Focused on Communities

By Carol Pierson Holding   Harvard Business School just released its first study of US competitiveness, reporting that almost two-thirds of US businesses will locate their new plants outside the US. President Obama addressed the issue in his State of … Continue reading

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