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We are the world’s largest CSR (corporate social responsibility) and sustainability ratings and information database.

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CSRHub's goal is to foster access to sustainability and
corporate social responsibility (CSR) information. We aim to
be an engine of transparency that encourages more
consistent and actionable disclosure from all types of

B Corporation

CSRHub is a B Corporation, an Organizational
Stakeholder (OS) with the Global Reporting
Initiative (GRI), a silver partner with Carbon
Disclosure Project (CDP), and supports both the
Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings (GISR)
and the International Integrated Reporting
Committee (IIRC).

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CSRHub collects data from more than 371 sources.

Includes six leading ESG research firms, and other diverse, credible
sources from the public, NGO and analyst sectors.
See our complete list of Data Sources.
Our database aggregates data from a constantly growing
number of reliable sources and applies patent-pending
analytics to generate ratings that help you navigate CSR by
geography and sector.
CSR Ratings
CSRHub takes information from its data
sources and transforms it into a 0 to 100 scale.
We then weight the data sources, aggregate
their scores, and adjust them so that they fit
together smoothly, removing bias and
CSRHub is committed to transparency for its users.
CSRHub Transparency
  • We describe our ratings
    methodology and schema.
  • We show the data sources
    for each company.
  • We link back to the
    sources of the data (we
    are a hub).
  • Subscribers can see the
    original values for our
    public sources - and buy
    reports from our licensed
Engage with a like-minded community of CSR
professionals by sharing your sustainability views,
lists of companies, and other components of the
CSRHub site with other CSRHub users.
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Non-governmental groups (NGOs) may use CSRHub to
organize and communicate their views and engage their
members in taking action to improve the world.
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Future in Review Names CSRHub a FireStarter
Strategic News Service is proud to announce that CSRHub has been
selected as a 2011 FireStarter company, featured at its annual
Future in Review (FiRe) technology conference in May 2011.
FiReStarter companies are selected based on their potential to bring
positive change to the world.
Corporate Social Responsibility
"CSRHub is doing what everyone else is just
talking about: bringing the truth about corporate
sustainability practices to customers, partners, and
even to those who run these companies. We are
proud to have CSRHub as a FiReStarter
Company," said Mark Anderson, FiRe Chair and
See our Accolades page for more information.
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