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You need to register before you can search for and borrow group profiles. You will see three different types of profile search. You can look for a group profile by the name of the group (e.g., “eco-oriented” or “Climate Counts”), by how similar or different it is from your profile, or by how similar or different it is from a theoretical profile that you enter during the search. Once you find a profile you are interested in, you can “borrow” it and see how it changes the ratings of companies you are interested in.

Your personal profiles cannot be searched by other people unless you wish to set up a group profile group, and share it. To do this, you need to be a professional-level subscriber and represent a group (e.g., a foundation, company, social organization, blog site, etc.).  Then, you can apply to set up a group profile and start to recruit members. Registered CSRHub users will see your group profile and will be able to "borrow" your view of the world.

Registration provides a number of benefits – to see the full Feature Map of benefits for registration and subscription, please see the Our products page. If you register, you can create your own personal profile. Or, you can “borrow” profiles from other people—either by having them send their profile to you or by looking for interesting profiles using our profile search feature.
Registered users can save an unlimited number of profiles—and can switch back and forth freely between them. Registered users can also save lists of companies—and can share these lists with others. You also need to be registered before you can control which ads you see on the site and before you can post comments on the site’s forums.
Once you are registered, you can change the layout of your company lists. You can also save searches—a big help, if you are regularly monitoring a certain area. A registered user can also compare an unlimited number of companies’ category ratings, and benchmark companies against their industry and country category scores.

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