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My Top Eleven Takeaways from WSJ’s Conference on Business and Sustainability

By Cynthia Figge A week ago I attended the Wall Street Journal ECO:nomics Conference. This event was brimming with over 200 CEOs, entrepreneurs, industry experts and policymakers, discussing profitability, innovation, and smarter uses of energy. The focus was on the … Continue reading

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CSRHub Co-founder Cynthia Figge to attend WSJ Eco:nomics Conference

  CSRHub Co-founder Cynthia Figge will join top CEOs, entrepreneurs, industry experts, and policymakers at this Spring’s Wall Street Journal’s Eco:nomics Conference. Held in Santa Barbara, the conference focuses on the opportunities and risks of environmental capital that are quickly … Continue reading

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By Bahar Gidwani     In the Jewish Passover service (a holiday that ends this Tuesday at sundown), there is a song called “Dayanu.”  The word means “it is enough” and the song suggests that God has been sufficiently kind … Continue reading

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The First Cap and Trade for Carbon Emissions . . . Almost

By Carol Pierson Holding   Too bad for California. State voters passed the most ambitious climate bill in the country, AB32, which mandates emissions reductions to below 1990 levels—not up to Kyoto levels, but still the best in the U.S.—and … Continue reading

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Impulse Control for Corporate Managers

The term “impulse control” describes how some people are able to delay the gratification of their desires, and resist temptation. The Wall Street Journal recently pointed out a good study by Fuld & Co. that describes how various groups of corporate managers reacted when faced with an ethical decision. I’ll let you read the details for yourself. What interested me was that Fuld & Co. measured (and contrasted) the level of ethical self-control exhibited in different industries.
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