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GE’s Ecomagination Lacks Eco and Imagination

By Carol Pierson Holding   Remember back in 2005 when General Electric (GE) launched its Ecomagination initiative? Its purpose, as the liberal news site Grist put it at the time, was “to ramp up development of clean technologies and lighten … Continue reading

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Shell’s Self-serving Scenarios

By Carol Pierson Holding   According to Shell’s New Lens Scenarios, we’re headed for a carbon free future, where solar will be the dominant energy source by 2100. The report got pretty universally upbeat press, praised in business and even … Continue reading

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Environmental Information Agency CO2 Emissions Data Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

By Carol Pierson Holding   Last month, the US Energy Information Agency (EIA) reported that for the first three months of 2012, CO2 emissions fell to about 1992 levels, primarily because coal companies switched to natural gas.   Another boost … Continue reading

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Who Pays the Costs for Fracking?

By Karen Dam   Debates on natural gas persist, whether it will become a major (clean) energy source, and whether the growing means to attain it-hydraulic fracturing (or fracking)-is safe and sustainable. Pricing, infrastructure, air quality, and environmental contamination are … Continue reading

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My Top Eleven Takeaways from WSJ’s Conference on Business and Sustainability

By Cynthia Figge A week ago I attended the Wall Street Journal ECO:nomics Conference. This event was brimming with over 200 CEOs, entrepreneurs, industry experts and policymakers, discussing profitability, innovation, and smarter uses of energy. The focus was on the … Continue reading

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