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Accelerating Clean Energy Transition Effective Weapon Against ISIS?

By: Carol Pierson Holding     As we got closer to the December 7-8 climate talks in Paris, I began seeing movement towards an outcome so positive that it might surprise us all. Politically, climate change-related events of the week … Continue reading

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Why Do Some Companies Revise their Carbon Disclosures?

By: Bahar Gidwani and Cedric Bleuez               Reducing carbon emissions has been the generally-accepted first step towards slowing global climate change.  A growing list of government and social organizations have called for corporations to … Continue reading

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2 CRA Webinars: Creating a Winning First Time Sustainability/CSR Report

Join our two part webinar series on both November 18th, 2015 and January 20th, 2016 with two of the field’s foremost sustainability practitioners – ‘internal’ strategic advisors to the CSR reporting for many of North America’s most well-known companies – … Continue reading

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Green Bond Issuers Appear to Have Higher Than Average Perceived Sustainability Performance

By Bahar Gidwani   Overview   The Green Bond concept was developed in 2007/2008 by the World Bank and Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB).  They created this fixed income product to respond to demand from investors who wanted to support projects … Continue reading

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Data-Driven Storytelling: Is your Company Collecting the Right Data to tell its CSR Story

The catchphrase of 2014/2015 was, and is, big data- data sets that are so vast and complex that they need intensive resources to process. But what is the point of data if we cannot process it, analyze it, and effectively … Continue reading

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