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The Tie Between Brand Value and Sustainability Is Getting Stronger

By Bahar Gidwani Part 1 in a 5 part series   Does a company that invests in sustainability increase its brand value?  What parts of sustainability performance seem to drive brand?  This is the first of five posts about a … Continue reading

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Is This the “Era of CSR”?

By Carol Pierson Holding   This week, Cynthia Figge, Co-founder and COO of CSRHub (full disclosure: CSRHub is my sponsor), reported at Sustainable Brands that the correlation between CSR and brand strength has reached .28. (A perfect correlation is 1.0) … Continue reading

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New Insights into the Correlation Between CSR and Brand Strength, SB’13

By Cynthia Figge   Cynthia Figge’s SB’13 Plenary speech “New Insights into the Correlation Between CSR and Brand Strength” follows.   Hello! I’m so grateful to be meeting with all of you, and celebrating my 7th year at SB since … Continue reading

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Cynthia Figge to Speak at Sustainable Brands’13

Join us as at Paradise Point in San Diego, CA, June 3-6 where sustainability, brand and innovation professionals come together from around the world to explore how to build better brands for tomorrow.   Our Co-founder and COO Cynthia Figge … Continue reading

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Turning ‘we don’t report’ into ‘we do’

By Bahar Gidwani   We were recently invited by our friends at Trucost to moderate a webinar with the above title.  Our shared goal was to encourage more companies to start reporting their sustainability performance.   You can download the … Continue reading

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