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CSRHub Simplifies Sustainability Benchmarking: An Interview with CSRHub Co-founder Cynthia Figge

As previously seen in the WiznessBlog.     Wizness and CSRHub have joined forces to simplify sustainability benchmarking against competitors. CSRHub co-founder Cynthia Figge answered questions about her company and how the new benchmarking product will benefit users.   Q: … Continue reading

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Kohl’s Corporation CSR Performance Benchmark

  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability metrics site CSRHub recently updated its ratings on Kohl’s Corporation and the 186 companies in the Retail industry.  Kohl’s overall rating currently is 57 after the most recent updates to their CSRHub page. … Continue reading

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March Data Madness for CSRHub

By Bahar Gidwani   CSRHub recently extended the historic data available to its subscribers back to 2008.  Our users can now study the month to month change in sustainability performance for thousands of companies from December 2008 to the present. … Continue reading

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Why Become a B Corp?

It is easier not to report, not to examine one’s own prejudices and practices, and not to state one’s views publicly. However, the issues addressed by the B Corp process—and by the whole area of CSR and sustainability practice and theory—can’t be avoided. We are part of a community that intends to change the world and we need to show that we have whole-hearted dedication to our cause. How could we or any other business who believes as we do, not want to engage in this process?
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What we want to accomplish

After two years of hard work, we launched CSRHUB’s alpha site this week. There are pages on the site that talk about us, about our data sources, and about how we build our database and set up our “schema.”
However, these pages probably don’t give you a sense of what we want to accomplish.
We like the idea that we can help offset the power of corporations and their ability to command attention from media and investors, with a transparent, easy-to-use information hub. We hope you will tell us more about what you would like us to do and what you feel we should not try to do, as we move forward, together.
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