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EKOS International Launches Benchmark Report Service Using CSRHub Data

  We are excited to announce that EKOS International is providing a new customized benchmark report service. Using data from CSRHub, the world’s largest database of sustainability ratings, the reports help companies assess their CSR performance compared to selected competitor, … Continue reading

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New Mobile App with CSRHub Sustainability Ratings

We are excited to announce Ethical Barcode has released a new app that lets you uncover what you’re truly supporting when you shop. Scan barcodes quickly at the grocery store, and make an empowered, ethical decision on what to buy. … Continue reading

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CSRHub CEO Bahar Gidwani Speaking at 2nd Annual CSR Investing Summit

  CSRHub’s co-founder, Bahar Gidwani, has been invited to speak in New York at the Summer in the City 2nd Annual CSR Investing Summit. This all-day conference offers participants the opportunity to discuss experiences and viewpoints on how to define, … Continue reading

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Can Corporate Social Responsibility Be a Differentiator for Community Banks?

    By John R. Hancock, Moss Adams LLP and Lorinda R. Rowledge, EKOS International   With a few exceptions, community banks lag behind both large banks and other industries in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability policies, strategy, goals, … Continue reading

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Harley-Davidson Signals Climate Change is Mainstream

By Carol Pierson Holding   What is going to solve climate change? To borrow terms from technology, a distributed solution is underway that has moved along the technology adoption curve and is already entering the mainstream.   We’ve watched this … Continue reading

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