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Giving People Time to Give Thanks

By Carol Pierson Holding   Amidst the national stories about the recent take-over of the U.S. Senate by Republicans and their ardent intentions to eviscerate both the environment (see Big Oil’s Wish List) and human rights (as in reproductive rights, minimum … Continue reading

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Will SASB succeed in putting nonfinancial reporting on the map?

As previously seen on   By Bahar Gidwani   ShutterstockHurst Photo   This is the second in a two-part series about the use of SASB standards as a safe legal harbor for U.S. public companies.   The Sustainability Accounting … Continue reading

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Why companies should shelter in SASB’s safe harbor

As previously seen on   By Bahar Gidwani   Image: Shutterstock/Ferenz   Since Jean Rogers founded the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board in 2011, more than 1,800 stakeholders have participated in its standards–setting process. One hundred-plus industry experts, including me, … Continue reading

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Why Use Big Data to Measure CSR?

The following is part 3 of a 3-part series on “Big Data.”   By Bahar Gidwani   In the past several posts, we have defined Big Data, shown the problems we hope it will address, and described how CSRHub has implemented a … Continue reading

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Keeping up with the Green Joneses – Solar and EV Adoption

By Carol Pierson Holding     The most recent column on “groundbreaking innovation” Co-Exist from Fast  Company was titled “If Your Neighbor Gets a Solar Panel, You’re Going to Want One Too: Whether  your neighbor has a solar installation is more … Continue reading

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