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People Power of Climate March Readies Supporters for Next Stage

By Carol Pierson Holding   Like the true-blue climate supporter that I’m aspiring to be, I attended the People’s Climate March in New York City last week. I stood at the corner of Central Park West and West 77th Street … Continue reading

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UN Figueras to HBS Alums: Elites Can Change the World…And Invest in Change

By Carol Pierson Holding and Cynthia Figge   We are inspired by a call with Harvard Business School alumni, Dan Abbasi, low carbon investor and executive producer of the Emmy-winning television series on climate change called “Years of Living Dangerously,” … Continue reading

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Climate Change Advocates Need Positive Branding

By Carol Pierson Holding   The idea of branding climate change seems like another exercise in navel-gazing until you consider the effectiveness of the opposition. They’ve got branding down, relentlessly repeating the mantra, “science is inconclusive and solutions are exorbitant … Continue reading

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The Swerve in Climate Change Depends on Innovation Too

By Carol Pierson Holding   A classmate from business school emailed me last week to set me straight on climate change. His argument was “extreme opinions about things that naturally vary are probably wrong” and supported his stance with three … Continue reading

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Harley-Davidson Signals Climate Change is Mainstream

By Carol Pierson Holding   What is going to solve climate change? To borrow terms from technology, a distributed solution is underway that has moved along the technology adoption curve and is already entering the mainstream.   We’ve watched this … Continue reading

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