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The Next Frontier for CSR Measurement

By Bahar Gidwani   The folks at S-Network Inc. invited me to speak at their 2014 Summer In the City Investing Summit about the state of CSR measurement for nonpublic and emerging market companies.  I was joined by Rekha Unnithan … Continue reading

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CSRHub CEO Bahar Gidwani Speaking at 2nd Annual CSR Investing Summit

  CSRHub’s co-founder, Bahar Gidwani, has been invited to speak in New York at the Summer in the City 2nd Annual CSR Investing Summit. This all-day conference offers participants the opportunity to discuss experiences and viewpoints on how to define, … Continue reading

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Are Both Sides Finally Meeting in the Middle?

By Bahar Gidwani   This past week brought two pieces of positive news on Climate Change activism.  A number of highly-influential and well-connected politicians publicly stressed the importance of addressing climate change.  One of these luminaries, former New York Mayor Michael … Continue reading

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Reason for Hope

By Bahar Gidwani   For some reason, I encountered more skeptics than usual last week.  Two people told me that we will never see a shift in consumer behavior towards sustainable purchasing.  Two others said that corporations only care about … Continue reading

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Newsweek’s Green Rankings Is Back

By Bahar Gidwani   After an eighteen month break, Newsweek has re-launched its Green Rankings.  On June 5, it issued new ratings for the 809 companies that are on either the US 500 or Global 500 lists. The Green Rankings … Continue reading

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