Our Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Metrics Research Tools

CSRHub offers a number of professional sustainability tools. Below is a brief description of our CSRHub Dashboards--Excel-based templates that pull data from our extensive array of sustainability-related metrics and ratings. These tools are meant to be used to answer specific questions on a short-term basis. Therefore, we have limited the time they may be used to either 15 days or one month. We also offer a one-year subscription to our system that includes a set of Dashboard templates. And, we offer sustainability-related reports, custom data generation services, and other tools and applications.

CSRHub Dashboards

Name Short Description Price (US$) # of
days of use
# of companies
in initial setup
Company Diagnostic Get details on one company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance $79 15 days 1
Competitor Benchmark Benchmark one company's social performance against five others $99 15 days 6
CSR/ESG Research Do an initial screen for potential CSR partners or sponsors $199 1 month 10
Supply Chain Analysis Quickly survey a company’s supply chain and spot risks and opportunities $199 1 month 100
7 Day Time Extension Adds 7 days of additional time to use a Dashboard $39 7 days  
15 Day Time Extension Adds 15 days of additional time to use a Dashboard $99 15 days  

CSRHub Full Access Subscription

A full access subscription includes all four of the dashboards listed above and lasts for one year. The subscription price is $1,500. Special prices are available for academic users and there is a discount for multi-seat licenses. See the full access subscription features list.

Other Products

Product Description Price (US$)
Reports CSRHub offers reports from a wide range of partners. $79 - $10,000
Custom Data Feeds The CSRHub data set can be used for a variety of research and analysis processes. Variable
RESTful API CSRHub has an extensive API that can be used to integrate CSRHub data with applications and software tool. Variable
Training The CSRHub database contains thousands of different data types and our tools have many features.  An hour or two of extra training is sometimes required to get the full benefit of our products. $95/hour